Friday, September 30, 2011


 Leslie Feist is back with her fourth studio album. You can sign up to listen to Metals below, courtesy of Entering your email is required.

 Hailing from Amherst, Nova Scotia, Feist began her career as a member of Canadian super group Broken Social Scene. Her breakthrough as a solo artist came in the form of 2004's Let It Die. Then in 2007 Feist released The Reminder which netted the songstress several Juno Awards and four Grammy nominations. After The Reminder's massive success Feist admitted in an interview with Pitchfork that it was difficult to get back into the creative mindset.

"I said I'd stop for a year, which was inconceivable to me and everyone around me. It seemed like so long. But then, after that year, I looked up and I still hadn't gotten my land legs back at all. I needed another year. By then, everyone had calmed and receded back into the wallpaper. I was in a crazy, private, awesome bubble again, and that's when I started to write."

 Feist fans will be delighted she broke through those creative roadblocks. Metals is jazzier than its predecessor yet retains Feist's signature silky pop sounds. The first single How Come You Never Go There (below) may not catch on like 1234 but the track is infectious and leaves the listener willing to go anywhere with Metals.

How Come You Never Go There

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