Thursday, September 29, 2011


Warning! This post and the video below contain Weeds season 7 spoilers.

 The blogosphere is buzzing. Not because of product supplied by the Botwin family- but because it may be the end of cable TVs favourite bud bartering bunch.

 The final shot of Weeds' seventh season showed Nancy Botwin caught in the cross hairs of a rifle wielded by an unknown assailant. There are many theories floating around about who the mystery gunman is. Most fans are saying it's Peter Scottson's son out for revenge after Nancy indirectly caused his father's death all the way back in season 2.

 Showtime hasn't picked up Weeds for an eighth season yet, so season 7's shot heard 'round the tube' may be a pitch perfect series finale. Series creator Jenji Kohan has always said Weeds would probably end with Nancy's death but if there is an eighth season, there are many avenues to explore. Most notably the newly blended family relationship and seeing how sisters Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) and Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh) adjust to the unconventional arrangement. Parker and Leigh's interactions were the brightest bits from Monday's episode and I'd relish Leigh being added as a main cast member.

 If this is the end, Kohan's conclusion was apt. Nancy screwed countless cunning characters over the years and arguably got what was coming to her. Personally I'm hoping this weed is a perennial and will sprout anew next year.

UPDATE: Weeds has been renewed for an eighth season.

Jenji Kohan discusses the season 7 finale and the future of Weeds

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