Monday, December 5, 2011


 If you're like me and discovered Absolutely Fabulous as a Canadian teenager, then you forced your friends to sip terrible vodka martinis while taking in the over the top antics of Patsy and Eddie on The Comedy Network.

 Ok, that was probably just me but I know I'm not the only fab fan out there. As an early stocking stuffer a short clip of the upcoming Christmas special has been released (watch below.) The clip shows Eddie (series writer Jennifer Saunders) downing hand fulls of pills doled out by her spacey assistant Bubble (Jane Horrocks) and trading barbs with her long suffering mother (June Whitfield.)

 Absolutely Fabulous began as a sketch on Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French's show French & Saunders. The idea was expanded upon in 1992 with a season of six episodes. The last new episode aired in 2004 so there's an awful lot of catching up to do with Eddie, Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Saffy (Julia Sawalha.)

 The first special airs Christmas Day on BBC, followed by another fabulous installment on January 1st. In addition a third special will air sometime around the 2012 London Olympics. Sources are hinting that a 20th anniversary season is also in the works.

 I've included the 2003 Christmas special Cold Turkey after the new clip. Enjoy sweetie darling.

2011 Christmas Special clip

Cold Turkey (2003 Christmas Special) part 1

Cold Turkey part 2

Cold Turkey part 3

Cold Turkey part 4

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