Thursday, June 16, 2011


 The first eight minutes of True Blood's new season have been leaked (watch below) or released as promotion, whichever you choose to believe. The teaser shows that Sookie Stackhouse's fairy relatives are not as benevolent as they first appeared; in true ridiculous TB fashion. True Blood's life force may be vampires but there are many other supernatural beings lurking in the bayous of Louisiana. HBO's blood thirsty series has presented a serial killer, a maenad and werewolves as main antagonists so far. The sneak peek hints that fairies (or are these elves in the clip masquerading as fairies?) will bring the pain this time around, yet it has been reported season four will prominently feature witches in addition to delving deeper into the fairy realm. The inclusion of Wicca wretches this year stays true to Charlaine Harris' fourth book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series (which has been re-branded the True Blood series, naturally), Dead to the World. Aside from Sookie's perilous journey to another plane, there are still many questions lingering from last season's finale. Where did Tara go and will she come back to Bon Temps? How will Jason handle Crystal's deserted derelict family? Who emerges victorious in the Bill versus Sophie Anne confrontation? Viewers will learn the answers when the new season premieres June 26.

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