Saturday, May 7, 2011


 The impetus of Mother's Day comes from Ancient Greek and Roman times. The Roman festival of Cybele eventually progressed into the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday that honoured the Virgin Mary and the "mother church."
 Honouring mothers would be modernized in the 1870s as an observance for mothers who lost children in the American Civil War. Then on May 9 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day a national holiday and the day of maternal merit in May spread around the globe.
 I happen to love my Mom and have a great relationship with her. However, talk to enough people and you'll know that isn't the case with everyone. Moms are human and can make mistakes. Mother/child relationships are as varied as a bouquet of carnations purchased last minute on a highway off ramp.
 Below you'll find songs that suit whatever the status of your relationship with your mom may be.  

For love/hate mother/child relationships

My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Momma
Mothers of Invention

For those who are distant

Mother Mother
Tracy Bonham

For kids who still live with their moms

Tie Your Mother Down 

For nosy, meddling moms

Your Mother Should Know
The Beatles

For explosive relationships

Pink Floyd

For those with fun moms; the kind who will go to the club with you

Take Your Momma Out
Scissor Sisters

For those who never had a mom

I Need A Mother

For mamma's boys

Mother's Little Helper
Rolling Stones

For those who miss their moms

Momma I'm Coming Home
Ozzy Osbourne

For those who are or will be moms

I Think I'm A Mother
PJ Harvey

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